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Joel at Other Minds, April 2018

Elemental Human Sounds at Other Minds Festival 23

SF Classical Voice, April 2018

"Chapman admirably maneuvered Stein’s endless, illogical statements at breakneck speeds without tripping up. After a particularly wordy tongue twister, he landed on the final cadence with a triumphant, Broadway-style belt."


Joel Chapman Headshot

Mantras, miracles, and meditations from volti chamber choir

SF Classical Voice, March 2017

"Several of the 17 members of the choir were featured in short solos, notably bass-baritone Joel Chapman. In a moment of nocturnal meditation, over a hazy sustained chord in the basses and a starry constellation of crotales cymbals, Chapman sang a plaintive prayer to Saint James for safe passage to Santiago. He has a warm, robust bass that cuts across the rest of the ensemble, even when he’s not soloing."


The Last Five Years, Stanford 2015

The Story We All Know: A Review of "The Last Five Years" in Concert

Stanford Arts Review, April 2015

"The orchestra is, in some ways, the soul of the show. In the intimate concert setting, the individual talent of each musician shines under the musical direction of Joel Chapman."


"The Last Five Years" prompts audiences to question the romantic ideal

Stanford Daily, May 2015


"Accompanied by a small ensemble comprised of one violinist (Sunli Kim ‘16), two cellists (Tyler DeVigal ‘16 and Lennart Jansson ‘15), a guitarist (Justin Cavazos ‘15) and a pianist (Alon Devorah ‘15), Chapman’s navigation of the challenging score is remarkable. Even in the midst of the melodrama occurring between our two protagonists, it’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to watch the passion of each instrumentalist as they undergo their own emotional voyages throughout the show. And where the sentimental content of Brown’s writing falls flat, the magic conjured by both Chapman’s miniature symphony and Jiang and Forsyth’s musical abilities proves more than capable of evoking genuine feeling."

The Last Five Years, Stanford 2015


Sunday in the Park with George, Stanford 2014

Art, and what it means: a look at "Sunday in the Park with George in Concert"

Stanford Arts Review, December 2014

"...Sunday in the Park with George, directed by Ken Savage (Drama BA’14, Communications MA’15), with music direction by Joel Chapman (Music BA ’14, MST MA ’15), stunned its audience with powerful and thoughtful musical reflection on the challenges of creating art."

"The awesome force of the music was powerfully conducted by Chapman and strongly carried by the all-star cast."


Sunday in the Park with George, Stanford 2014

‘Sunday in the Park with George: In Concert’ 

Stanford Daily, December 2014

"...the virtually flawless orchestra, led by conductor Joel Chapman ’14, and cast were composed of some of the finest talent on campus.


For "The Fantasticks," limitation brings innovation

Stanford Arts Review, May 2014

"To elevate the excitement, the fathers hire professional villain and sometimes-narrator El Gallo, played by Joel Chapman and his skillful eyebrows."

The Fantasticks, Stanford 2014

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